Today has been a pretty good day! Took my puppies on a walk. Did all my laundry and cleaned my house. Helped my grandma out for a couple hours. Then made dinner for my fam. Mozzarella parmesan chicken and steamed veggies. Sooo good :)

Day 6: A picture of you last year. How have you changed?
Our neighbors. Miss these boys!

Homecoming at USU - 80's theme

GOOO AGGIES! Miss these games. SO many crazy fans!

Okayyy I couldn't choose one. So here's a few. Last year was WAYYY different from this year. Last year I attended Utah State as you can see. It really was so much fun I LOVVVED it. I'm so glad I decided to move away for my first year of college. It taught me a lot living on my own. I met tonsss of awesome people! But I still decided to come home for my second year of college. Guess I missed my family too much...haha. For real though I decided to transfer to the U because first of all I get half off tuition there because my mom works at the U hospital. Secondly because I had to for my major. USU and UofU are VERY VERY different haha. But I love them both. In different ways. Both really fun schools! But i'm glad I came home. I like living with my family. You really don't realize how much they do for you until you move out...haha.

How have I changed from last year....? Umm that's a hard one. I don't think i've really changed at all. This year i'm trying to be a better person haha and trying to look at every situation more positively. So I guess I would say i'm a happier person this year. Also i'm a lot more family oriented this year obviously. Since i'm living back at home...hahaa. I really try to spend as much time with my family as I can. In high school I was ALWAYS out with friends or busy with cheer. Every weekend. Every weekday. Never spent time with the fam really. So since I've moved back home I try to hang out with my family every chance I get. We go to dinner together, go to movies, play cards etc...Even if it's just watching a movie with my parents at home. I've gotten so much closer to my older brother Drew this year and I love it. He's such a good guy. Amazing brother to look up to. My little sister is busy a lot of the time because now she's in cheer and has all her millions of friends to hang out with. But I try to hang out with her as much as possible too. Love my family! :) Other than that I don't think i've really changed much since last year...



Today has been THE laziest day. Didn't go to bed last night until 7:00 AM I think I have insomnia. Woke up at 3:00 PM. I suck. I hate sleeping in so late. I need to fix my sleeping schedule! On a more positive note, I just watched Secret Millionaire and it was really good! Makes me want to volunteer and do more good for the community!

Day#5- A picture of your parents.

These are my cute parents! Teresa and Jerald aka Ter and Jer. I love them both so much! They're the coolest parents in the WORLD :) My mom is the nicest most genuine and happy person I know. She always looks for the positive in any situation. She's so down to earth and wouldn't judge a fly. She loves everyone and loves to just be crazy and have a fun time always! Those are just a couple things I love about my mom! Another thing I love about her is that she has such a good relationship with all my friends. Every time I have a friend over she will talk and talk and talk to them about everything. My friends like talking to her because they can talk to her about things that they can't talk to their own

 parents about. Same with me. I talk to her about anything and everything! When I was younger I thought it was kinda weird that she wanted to know EVERYTHING, but now that i'm older I looooove it. She seriously knows everything about me. Whenever I come home from hanging out with a boy she will automatically be like "DID YOU KISS!? DID YOU KISS!? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT! DETAILS! EVERYTHING!" haha. My friends used to think It was weird that I would tell her the things I did, but now they tell her the same types of things about themselves. I love how involved my mom is with me, and I want to be just like her when I have my own kids. I think having a strong bond with your kids is such an important thing! LOVE YOU MOM! :) Now my dad. Ohhhh Jerald haha. My dad is the craziest/weirdest/funniest person I know. He is ALWAYS making someone laugh. Totally the life of the party kind of guy. People love being around him because he can make any situation fun. Although he's a really funny guy he can also be very sentimental. This is something I love about him because he never acts like the "tough guy" who can't give hugs or cry. My dad is ALWAYS telling us how much he loves us and how much we all mean to him. He always makes sure we feel loved and he isn't afraid to show his emotions like lots of men are. Like my mom he's also really easy to talk to which I love. I am so close to both of my parents and I love it! They're the COOLEST hahah



Day#4-A photo of somewhere you want to go.

Well...I'm always wanting to go to new places. But right now I REALLY want to go to Africa. I don't know where in Africa, I just want to go. The only safari i've been on is the one in the Animal Kingdom at Disney World haha. I want to go on a REAL safari and see all the amazing animals! I think that would be so exciting. Also I want to ride an ostrich and find cool tree houses and just explore. Maybe even throw in a little service project at a school while i'm there and meet all the cute little children! It would be so fun!


Day#3: A photo of the last item you purchased.

Well since I blow all my money on food I haven't really boughten an "item" lately... The last thing I bought was probably my Mac Book Pro. Well I went halfsies with my mom. But I love it. I know it's not that cool, EVERYONE has one. But I thought it was pretty cool cause my Gateway laptop wasn't doing to well anymore. I still haven't figured everything out on it yet. Trying to make a video in iMovie is probably the hardest thing i've ever done. But i'll get the hang of it eventually! Now Christian can't make fun of my Gateway anymore :)


Okkk I officially suck at having a blog already.........I know. I should be on day 6 but i'm only on day 2 sooo I need to catch up! I'll try to be better ya'lll :) Not that anyone reads this anyways prob... haha

First of all I want everyone to know that I caught both pieces of chicken that were thrown into my mouth at Teppanyaki tonight. Pretty happy about it.

Day#2 - My celebrity crush. 

Hands down JAMES FRANCO! I am IN LOVE with this beautiful man. I fell in love after watching Tristan and Isolde. If you haven't seen it watch it. This year James attended Sundance Film Festival and you know I went just to stalk him. On the ride up to PC I was freaking out to my friends saying "If I really see him i'm grabbing him and making out with him...I don't even care if he thinks i'm a creep" being dead serious... HAHAHA...End up ACTUALLY seeing him. FREAKED OUT. Froze literally and just made complete eye contact and didn't say a word. Just look so stupid in front of the hottest man on this earth. THEN the waiter seats him right next to us (we were at the Main Pizza & Noodle place FYI). Not kidding. RIGHT RIGHT next to us. Like I could have touched him. We're all freaking out debating whether to say something or ask for a picture but we ALL chickened out. The waiter ends up moving him to a more hidden table to give him some privacy and we follow. Biggest stalkers ever I know. We wanted to get a pic soooo so bad but we didn't want to interrupt his meal so we were waiting for him to be done. He finishes his meal, walks out the back door, gets in a white van and LEAVES! I'm so devastated I didn't get a pic with him :( But at least I got to see him!

Girl crushes:
Carrie Underwood-She's just all around perfect.
Adriana Lima-Perfect body and wish I had her lips. Every Victoria Secret model is perfect though.
Emily Maynard- (Bachelor)-Once again all around perfect. Soo cute. So nice. Perfect hair, body, teeth, personality Everything. I know this is old news, but i'm SOOOO happy Brad chose her. Love her.



Okay since i'm new at this I decided to follow a 30 day challenge. Day #1 says: Introduce yourself with 15 interesting facts. I feel like I kinda already started introducing myself in my "little about me" but here's 15 facts....

1. I love to paint/draw/design
I may not be the best at it, but I love just taking time to make a beautiful piece of art. I like to think i'm pretty creative and I find painting very relaxing and fun. The end result of a painting is so rewarding. It makes you feel like you've accomplished something.

2. I taught myself how to play the guitar and the piano
When I was about 9 years old I asked for a keyboard for Christmas. I had never taken any piano lessons but I loved the sound of it. I stuck a piece of tape on each key and wrote what note it was. I left the pieces of tape there until I could play by memory. I remember my parents thinking how crazy it was that I could play that well with no lessons. I've forgotten a lot of it now, but i'm sure with a little brushing up it wouldn't be too hard. I got my guitar two years ago as another Christmas gift and have been teaching myself how to play it since. I love sitting down and learning new songs when there's nothing else to do.

3. I get good grades
I've always been pretty hard on myself. If I didn't get straight A's in high school It would make me very upset. I don't know even know why. I've always just had high expectations for myself I guess. College is a different story though....haha I still try to get straight A's but if I get an occasional B i'm fine with that. College is HARD! I always thought it was weird when my friends would say "If I don't get a good grade my parent's are gonna kill me!" I would always think 'Don't you WANT to get good grades?' hahaha guess i'm just kind of a nerd. I remember in Jr. High my friends would always call me the dumb blonde with book smarts but no street smarts hahaha I hated it. 

4. I'm going to be an architect one day
I didn't know what I wanted to be for the longest time. I thought about a Psychiatrist, Interior Designer, Business woman, Teacher, pretty much everything but finally decided an Architect would be perfect because I can use my creativity but there's still structure to it. Plus they get paid pretty good! I absolutely love all the architecture classes that i'm in and love looking at old and new styles of buildings. I could talk about it forever but I wont.

5. I love traveling and seeing new places
Vacations are just always a good time. No matter where you go they're always fun. I love seeing new places, but who doesn't right? I've only been out of the country once which sucks but I plan to start going on a lot more out of Country vaca's. It was this past summer and I traveled around Europe. It was AMAZZZZING! Loved every minute of it, and got to see the most extraordinary buildings! My fav was Italy. It's absolutely beautiful there!

6. I'm a very sensitive person
I'm the middle child and my mom has always called me the "peace keeper" because when I was younger I always tried to keep my brother and sister from fighting. I HATED it when they would fight. Whenever someone was mean to one of my siblings I would always stick up for them and yell at that person. I didn't let anyone get away with being mean to my siblings hahaha. If one of  them was ever sad I would cry with them until they were happy again. I guess you can say i'm very empathetic. Also I cry in every movie. Happy or sad. I cry...sorry hahaha I tend to put myself in other peoples shoes a lot.

7. I'm LDS
I was inactive for most of my life up until the end of my senior year of High School. Then I started hanging out with a bunch of "future missionaries" who encouraged me to start going to church again. I finally started going again and I can't thank my friends enough for being such good examples to me. I love my church and believe in it 100% I may not be the best member in the world, but I try my best. Church makes me happy haha.

8. I love to sing when i'm alone
Not many people know this. But when I was younger I was in singing and dancing groups for yearsss. Loved it, so fun. We would perform for huge audiences. Once I got into High School I became a cheerleader and kinda left singing in the dust. I still love to sing when i'm alone, but get shy when people are listening. 

9. I've never had a boyfriend
I know......I'm a loser haha. I've dated plenty of boys but just never made it official I guess haha. 

10. I'm really shy
I think a lot of people might mistake me for as "stuck up" but really I'm just very shy. I try my hardest to be super social and outgoing but sometimes it's just hard. Once you get to know me though I don't shut up. I've always wished I was more of a "people person" one of those people that can talk for hours to someone they just met, but i've recently learned to just love myself the way I am. 

11. I love animals
When I was younger I always wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up because I love animals so much. They're just so cute and happy all the time. How can you NOT love them!? No matter what kind of mood you're in or how bad you look, your dogs will still run to the door in excitement to see you every single time you get home. I currently have 2 dogs (Roxy and Duke) they're the CUTEST :) and 1 cat named Skye. 

12. I have THE best parents in the world
My parents are THE best. Literally. There's not been a time in my life when they let me down. They support me through every thing I do. I can talk to them about anything and everything. I'm very close to them both and love them to death. They're both such fun, crazy, down to earth people. I know everyone says their parent's are the best, but seriously if you met Ter and Jer you'd LOVE them.

13. I love the outdoors
I love the summer time most of all because the warm weather makes everyone happy! I love boating, hiking, camping, rock climbing, 4-wheeling, riding bikes and just playing outside. It's the best. 

14. I love getting dressed up
Although I love the outdoors, I love getting all dressed up and looking pretty at the same time! It's always fun to get all done up and go to a party or a movie or something fun. 

15. I keep a journal
I've kept a jornal ever since I can remember. My mom bought me my first journal when I was in 1st grade and going back on old entries and reading them is the most hilarious thing everrr. I love looking back on my life and reading about old memories. If anyone ever got a hold of my journal's I would be humiliated. hahaha